Private Practice

In our everyday lives, we face many challenges in which professional and competent help can make overcoming these difficulties easier to endure and master. At times, it is necessary to face these challenges from a psychological perspective. Psychotherapy offers you the opportunity to change in a trustworthy, judgment-free, respectful and protected environment.

Psychotherapy can be helpful if you are facing one or more of the following: you have been depressed for some time, feel burned out or exhausted, you are plagued by fears of whatever kind, you have sleeping problems, you have suicidal thoughts, obsessive compulsions, an eating disorder, are psychosomatically ill, have an addiction problem, are in a professional or private crisis, you have long struggled with a life problem that does not want to change or you have a serious illness and need support.

In a first phase, I can offer you the opportunity to discover what the problem is and what contribution psychotherapeutic work can do in helping you deal with what you are facing. Within one or more initial interviews, we will see whether psychoanalysis or psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapy is the right method for you.